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Cyber Security & Identity Theft Protection

There are three main arenas of Cyber Security - Virus and Malware protection, Online Privacy (surfing the web via a proxy network, or "VPN"), and Identity Theft Protection. We also offer optional Legal protection plans for total peace of mind!

Choose from the below combination packages designed for your needs!

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For commercial accounts please contact us for special pricing.
Surf Shark VPN Surf Shark VPN Surf Shark VPN
PC Matic PC Matic PC Matic
  ID Shield ID Shield
    Legal Shield
Legal Protection
@ $105 yr @ $200 yr - Individual
@ $320 - Family Plan
@ $320 yr - Individual
@ $440 - Family Plan
So for peace of mind and your family's security, do not delay!
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No longer can you just rely on your anti-virus and malware protection to guard against cyber criminal activity.  With the growing list of breaches your personal data is more vulnerable than ever because it resides in so many locations.  

Not even the leading Identity Theft plan (LifeLock) can protect you, as they had their own data breach.  Therefore do what the Pros do…protect yourself using multiple layers of protection using the best products on the market.  To start, you need a good VPN when on the internet. This service will mask your IP address to the cyber criminals.

Your 1st Layer of protection is a VPN service (Virtual Private Network)

We recommend NORD VPN Or Surf Shark VPN.  Both are reasonably priced and will protect your identity while online. Check them out.

Your 2nd Layer of Protection is a good Anti-virus/Malware protection program. We recommend PC Matic as it operates on a "White List" permission base system…meaning all programs and apps need to be approved for operation.  This is becoming more of a necessity today due to all the ransom ware attacks.  There is also a "PRO" and "MSP" version for companies and network managers.

PC Matic/PC Matic Pro/PC Matic MSP

Your 3rd Layer of Protection is an Identity Theft Protection plan. This is your safety net for you, your family and your business if you operate one…  For this, we recommend ID Shield as it is the only one that has a 5 Million service guarantee, offers 100% restoration, and uses REAL Licensed Private Investigators (KROLL) to help you restore your identity in the event it is necessary. LifeLock is not even close!

ID Shield

Your 4th Layer of Protection is a good Legal Plan, and is really an umbrella with regard to the other plans…not absolutely necessary but nice to have when it does rain…which happens quite a lot here in Florida.

Id-Pros.Net is a Veteran Owned and Operated business. We are Cyber security Experts providing solutions for Individuals, families and businesses of all sizes.

We are authorized dealers for Educational programs, Software Cyber Security, Hardware Security, E-mail Security and Identity Theft Protection.

We are available for Seminars and Awareness Training with advanced notice. In this Information Age it is important to have multiple layers of defense against Cyber Criminals; Id-Pros.Net provides you that protection.

We are a Florida Cyber Security Solution

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Prevention is always better than the cure. Call now and talk to a cyber security expert. See where your strengths and vulnerabilities lie. See if you are already compromised, before losses mount up.

There is no charge for an initial consultation!

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Florida cyber security services

Florida cyber security services

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Florida cyber security services

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